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Contact Details

Autistic Adult
Other Family Member
Parent of a Child on the Autism Spectrum
Parent of an Adult on the Autism Spectrum
Professional in the Field

Membership Goals

I confirm the following:

I am interested in and committed to strengthening the purpose of AutismBC as set out in the Mission;
I am 19 years of age or older;
I am working in or a resident of British Columbia;
I am aware that the term of membership is annual and expires immediately after the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the bylaws of the Society;
Upon acceptance of my application, I agree to pay any annual membership dues or other fees, which may be set from time to time in accordance with the bylaws of the Society;
I have provided my contact information for the purposes of receiving notices and other correspondence from AutismBC and for inclusion in the Society’s Register of Members;
I understand that providing contact information is required for membership in the Society under the Societies Act (B.C.) it can be business or personal contact info;
I acknowledge that this contact information may be disclosed and made available for the purposes of inspection and use by other members and directors of AutismBC to the extent required;
I agree to receive communication from AutismBC via electronic mail instead of mail;
I attest that by applying to become a Member of the Society, I am committed to the Mission of AutismBC and am in agreement with all of the above;
If I am accepted as a Member, I will honour this commitment in my conduct and uphold the Society’s protocols, policies, and guidelines;
If my application is successful, I give AutismBC my commitment to help guide the organization;
I agree to endeavour to attend all general meetings of the Society and use my vote to guide AutismBC in their vision and mission.
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