If you are a parent receiving Autism Funding, you can receive assistance with the cost of autism-related training to support your child’s skill development or therapy goals. This includes you and/or your service provider (eg. Behaviour Interventionist) to attend training in our workshops. There are 2 ways to proceed:

A.  Pay upfront and get reimbursed later:

  1. When registering, complete using your own method of payment (ie paypal, credit card. You will automatically receive a receipt for payment);
  2. Submit a Reimbursement of Autism Expenses form directly to AFU long with the receipt.  You may do this via your parent portal, email or direct mail.
    Under Detailed Description of Expense, include the name of the workshop (eg. BI Workshop or BI Basics for Parents) and person attending.



B.  Register and pay using Autism Funding:

  1. Email  Under subject heading, include "Registration: Name of Workshop, Date of Workshop"  
  2. In your email, attach a completed Request to Pay form.  Note - AutismBC training workshops fall under Part B as shown below, with Autism BC as the Supplier Name.
    Under Detailed Description, include the name of participant, name of workshop (eg. BI Workshop or BI Basics for Parents) and date.  Note you must SIGN this form with your signature.


  1.  AutismBC will register you into your requested event and will submit this RTP along with an invoice for the workshop / training in question.

*Please note that if authorization is not granted due to insufficient funds, you will be responsible to pay the balance*.



Please see MCFD’s A Parents Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Programs, starting on page 17,

for more details. If you have any questions about this process, please contact our office at:

local: 604-434-0880, toll free at 1-888-437-0880 or email